LA’s Gas Plants Got To Go


Tell the DWP to Stop Building Gas Power Plants!

It’s time for Los Angeles to move beyond fossil fuels once and for all. Yet instead of embracing our clean energy future, the Los Angeles Department of Water (DWP) wants to keep us anchored to the past. The DWP wants to spend billions of dollars to rebuild three natural gas power plants from the ground up! These power plants are a dangerous and costly mistake that will only exacerbate our climate and air pollution problems.

The DWP’s plan is a harmful mistake that Angelenos cannot afford. Rather than wasting money on outdated and unnecessary gas plants, we urge the DWP to scrap this plan and instead focus on investments which make our grid cleaner, stronger and more resilient.


let’s close this dirty chapter of our history. Sign the petition today to stop the DWP from rebuilding gas power plants.

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