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Clean Energy For Everyone


Clean Energy in Affordable Housing 

Installing solar panels on multi-family housing   | GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles 

Installing solar panels on multi-family housing  | GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles 

As part out of our commitment to expanding access to clean energy, our coalition is working with the LADWP to develop a Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) pilot program for affordable housing projects. In addition to helping Los Angeles meet its clean energy goals, VNEM is a critical policy to make clean energy, and the savings it provides, accessible to the millions of Angelenos who live in apartments or affordable housing. 

VNEM is a proven mechanism that delivers significant, immediate and direct financial benefits to low-income families and renters. It allows residents to experience reduced utility bills through a net metered solar system on their apartment roofs, and can create even greater opportunities to participate in community solar programs that expand solar access to renters and homeowners who cannot install solar on their rooftops.

Our coalition advocated for the creation of VNEM pilot in affordable housing developments, which LADWP committed to begin in January 2019. We will continue collaborating with the LADWP on the pilot project in order to ensure its successful implementation in 2019.

The 343-kilowatt solar project in Boyle Heights  | Los Angeles Business Council 

The 343-kilowatt solar project in Boyle Heights | Los Angeles Business Council 

Advancing Solar Equity Hotspots 

Our coalition also advocates in support of "solar equity hotspots," or neighborhoods with abundant rooftops for solar and a high level of need for economic investment and jobs. Bringing solar energy projects into these neighborhoods creates new jobs and training opportunities for local residents, as well as a new supply of local clean energy.

One such program is the 343-kilowatt solar project in Boyle Heights. As the first project to utilize LADWP's Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) program in the Boyle Heights neighborhood, energy produced from rooftop solar panels feeds directly to the grid for a term of 20 years, providing the city with a reliable and local source of renewable energy. The project also generated a dozen green construction jobs and increased economic activity to the area. 

The FiT program enables local commercial property owners to sell solar power generated from rooftops and parking lots back to LADWP at a competitive fixed rate. Spearheaded by the Los Angeles Business Council and the CLEAN LA Solar Coalition, the FiT program provides an opportunity for LADWP to access the abundant in-basin solar energy available on more than 10,000 acres of rooftops in Los Angeles. As the program continues, 40% of FiT projects, either installed or proposed, are located within areas of the city identified as "solar equity hotspots." 

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