Currently, the following Los Angeles Community Based Organizations comprise the clean energy coalition. The coalition brings together experts in the field of environmental justice, clean technology, environmental sustainability and voices from frontline communities to champion for clean renewable energy for environmentally impacted communities across the city of Los Angeles.


A Just & Equitable Transition to 100% by 2040



The Los Angeles Clean Energy Coalition is dedicated to improving the lives of all Angelenos by advocating that Los Angeles fulfill it's commitment to use 100% renewable energy by 2040. We believe that LA's clean energy transition must be an equitable process that will in turn create healthier communities, cleaner air, and high-quality clean jobs.

Our mission is to advance policies and programs that transition Los Angeles to 100% renewable energy for all transportation, port, government, and residential use by 2040. We support thoughtful and equitable clean energy investments that expand access to renewable energy and keep our city on track to achieve 100%. We are conscious that clean energy investments will lead to economic growth, and we're committed to ensuring this growth leads to just development and living wage jobs.




In fulfilling our mission, our coalition embraces the following principles:

01. Equity is Non-Negotiable

LA's clean energy transition must prioritize frontline communities who have historically endured the health and economic burden of fossil fuel energy consumption. Clean energy investments, policies and programs must put these communities first.

02.  Advance Realistic Policy Solutions

Policy solutions should be both visionary and practical, advancing best practices and the cleanest technologies on the market, while being grounded in and led by the communities directly affected. Future investments should be competed to allow for innovative clean energy solutions.

03.Prioritize Community Participation

Frontline communities must have a seat at the table and be a part of planning, development and implementation of LA's clean energy programs.

04. CommitTed to 100% Clean Energy

Clean energy can only come from non-polluting, 100% renewable sources.  There is no place for natural gas or fossil fuels of any kind in our clean energy future, and no reason for LA to make any more investments in these dirty and outdated energy sources.